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Annual Reports and Information Staff (Annual Reports)


NCES annually calculates the allocation of Federal funds for as many as 20 formula allocation programs sponsored by the Department. These range in size from $11.2 billion for Title I to $10 million for Christa McAuliff Scholarships. These calculations are provided as a service by NCES to the Department's Budget Office. The traditional reason given for this service is that NCES provides the statistical accuracy and acumen in an environment that is unbiased and apolitical. Recently, as much as $35 billion in Federal aide to education was allocated by NCES staff.

As noted above, the largest of these formula allocation distributions is the annual allocation for the disadvantaged. Currently known as Title I of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, this is the federal government's largest educational program to assist disadvantaged children. Title I Funds a range of programs that help improve learning for students at risk of educational failure. Such students include low-achieving children in our nation's highest-poverty schools, children with disabilities, Alaska Native and American Indian children, children who are neglected or delinquent, and young children and their family who are in need of family-literacy services.

Below is a copy of our documentation for a number of allocation programs. Included in the documents, are sample runs and copies of the computer coding needed to run the formula allocations. Also, listed is the link to the Census Bureau's website listing the actual school district data used in the Title I allocation formula.