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ALL Data

Public-use micro data files

Public-use micro data files from the Adult Literacy and Lifeskills Survey (ALL) are available from Statistics Canada. These data files have rescaled literacy and numeracy scores that can be used in trend analysis with scores from the Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC). The rescaled ALL public-use files of the countries that participated in the survey can be requested from Statistics Canada by emailing The request should specify "rescaled public-use data files ALL (2003-2008)." The files will be available for download after signing a data-use license.

International Data Explorer (IDE)
Data from - countries that had participated in both ALL1 and PIAAC are available for trend analysis online in the NCES PIAAC IDE and the OECD PIAAC IDE. Details on the differences between the NCES IDE and OECD IDE are available in the U.S. PIAAC IDE Help Guide. After entering the PIAAC IDE, if one selects the subject of literacy or numeracy and one of the displays with a population comparable to that of ALL (Adults 16-65 or Young Adults, 16-34), one will have the option to select  ALL 2003-2008 in the Years/Studies heading. Except for the estimates for All Adults, the variables that can be compared across years are located under a special category called Trend Variables.

U.S. restricted-use micro data files
ALL restricted-use micro data files for the U.S. are available from NCES. The restricted-use data files contain more detailed information, such as continuous age and earnings variables. The U.S. ALL restricted-use file does not contain rescaled literacy and numeracy scores, so this file cannot be used in trend analysis with PIAAC scores. To access the restricted-use data, the restricted-use license has to be applied for and obtained from NCES. More information on the process is available at:

1 Switzerland, Bermuda and the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon participated in ALL but not PIAAC.