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2003-04 SASS Questionnaires

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Teacher Listing Form

The Teacher Listing Form collects the full list of teachers from a school, along with information on subject matter taught, race/ethnicity, teaching experience and full or part-time teaching status. This information is necessary to draw the teacher sample for the Teacher questionnaire.

School District Questionnaire

The School District Questionnaire consists of items about student enrollments, teacher recruitment and hiring practices, existence of a teacher union, length of the contract year, teacher salary schedules, school choice, magnet programs, high school graduation requirements, professional development for teachers and administrators, and oversight of homeschooled students. New topics added to the 2003–04 questionnaire include principal hiring practices and instructional aide hiring practices.

School Questionnaires

The SASS School Questionnaires consolidated many of the questionnaires used in the 1999–2000 SASS. The 1999–2000 Indian School and Charter School Questionnaires became the combined Unified School Questionnaire in 2003–04. The Indian School Principal and Charter School Principal Questionnaires were deleted, and all public school principals, including those in BIA-funded schools and public charter schools, received the same Principal Questionnaire. The Indian School Teacher and Charter School Teacher Questionnaires were deleted, and all public school teachers, including those in BIA-funded schools and public charter schools, received the same Teacher Questionnaire. Similarly, the Indian School Library Media Center Questionnaire was deleted, and all public schools, including BIA-funded schools and public charter schools, received the School Library Media Center Questionnaire. The private school, principal, and teacher questionnaires were administered in the same way as in 1999–2000. The School Library Media Center Questionnaire was not administered to private schools.

In 2003–04, data collection for the private school component of SASS coincided with the administration of NCES' Private School Survey (PSS) which is not a component of SASS. PSS is administered to all of the nation's private schools every two years and is the sampling frame for other NCES surveys of private schools.

Since both PSS and SASS were administered in 2003–04, in an effort to reduce respondent burden, the private schools in the SASS sample were not sent a PSS questionnaire. Instead, the SASS Private School Questionnaire contained the PSS items.

School Principal Questionnaires

The School Principal Questionnaires collect information about principal or school head demographic characteristics, training, experience, salary, and perceptions about school decision-making and school climate.

Teacher Questionnaires

The SASS Teacher Questionnaires collect data from teachers about their education and training, teaching assignment, certification, professional development, workload, and perceptions and attitudes about teaching.

Library Media Center Questionnaire

The School Library Media Center Questionnaire asks public schools about their access to and use of a variety of information technologies. The questionnaire collects data on: library collections, media equipment and use of technology, staffing, and student services. A section on information literacy has been added to the 2003-04 questionnaire.