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Private School Universe Survey (PSS)

The 2023–24 Private School Universe Survey (PSS)

NCES is currently collecting information from all K-12 private schools across the U.S. by asking participants to respond to the Private School Universe Survey (PSS). To obtain an accurate picture of the nation's private school landscape, the PSS gathers information such as the number of private schools, number of private school teachers, and student enrollment in private schools. NCES appreciates your school's participation in this voluntary survey. The PSS is collected for NCES by the U.S. Census Bureau.

What is the purpose of the PSS?

The PSS serves as the nation's primary source of information on U.S. K-12 private schools. With increased public concern about school choice, the need for data on private education has also increased. NCES instituted the PSS to fulfill a congressional mandate to collect information about private schools.

The PSS is also used to assign an NCES ID number for schools which many private and federal grants require as part of their application process. Responses to the survey ensures that schools retain this NCES ID and are listed on the NCES website private school search tool.