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Strand 3: Participation in Education and Training

GEMEnA's third strand of work is to consider new and revised measures of participation in education and training designed to prepare out-of-school youth and adults for work. Existing federal data collections with survey items on enrollment and participation will benefit from a freshening of questionnaire items to better reflect current trends in delivery (including the expansion of on-line learning) and expanded policy interest related to federal and state investments in education and training for work. To begin this strand, GEMEnA has commissioned a background paper (forthcoming) to describe the two main types of education and training for work that occur outside of traditional credit-bearing postsecondary education: non-credit coursework and formal on-the-job training. Based on this background paper, and in consultation with experts, GEMEnA will identify key research and policy questions and focus its development efforts—expected to parallel those for certifications/licenses and certificates—on high priority data needs. Along with the first two stands of work, this strand will support the development of a new federal household survey focusing on education, training, and credentials (described in strand 4).

As we begin this work, we would like to know what research and policy questions you (our constituents) have concerning participation in work-related education and training, and what information you consider most important to collect. Please send your comments to