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  • Summary of 2014 Expert Panel Meeting PDF File (118 KB)
  • Report on 2014 Training Program Concept Interviews PDF File (101 KB)
  • Report on Wave 13 of the 2008 Survey of Income and Program Participation: Measuring Alternative Educational Credentials: 2012.
  • GEMEnA monthly meeting notes PDF File (579 KB)
  • Report on 2013 Cognitive Interviews on Certifications, Licenses, and Certificates PDF File (398 KB)
  • Report on 2013 Focus Groups with Participants in Work-related Education and Training PDF File (358 KB)
  • February 2013 Background Paper on Participation in Noncredit Occupational Education and Training PDF File (296 KB)
  • Summary of November 2012 Expert Panel Meeting PDF File (95 KB)
  • Report on 2012 Focus Groups with Certificate Holders PDF File (265 KB)
  • January 2012 Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology research conference paper on Measurement Strategies for Identifying Holders of Certificates and Certifications PDF File (237 KB)
  • Report on 2010 Adult Training and Education Survey Pilot Study
  • Summary of November 2009 Brookings Institute Roundtable on Subbaccalaureate Credentials PDF File(178 KB)