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Do you have a current professional certification, professional license, or a state or industry license? [Yes; No] Help text: A professional certifcation or license verifies that you are qualified to perform a specific job. It includes things like licensed realtor, certified medical assistant, certified construction manager, or Cisco Certified Network Associate.

Were you certified or licensed by: [Yes/No for each] Your state; A professional organization; An industry, company, or some other organization?

Can this [most recent] certification or license be used if you wanted to get a job with any employer in that field? (Answer "yes" for credentials that are recognized state-wide or regionally) [Yes; No; Don't know]

Was a professional certification or state or industry license required for your current or most recent job? [Yes; No]

Did you have to do any of the following to get this [most recent] certificaton or license? [Yes/No for each] Demonstrate skills while on the job; Pass a test or exam; Submit a portfolio of your work.

To maintain this [most recent] certification or license, do you have to: [Yes/No for each] Take continuing education classes or earn continuing education units (CEUs); Take periodic tests.

Can this [most recent] certification or license be revoked or suspended for any reason? [Yes; No; Don't know]