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Statistical Standards Program

Submitting Research Publications

Licensees are required to round all unweighted sample size numbers to the nearest ten (nearest 50 for ECLS-B) in all information products (i.e.: proposals, presentations, papers or other documents that are based on or use restricted-use data). Licensees are required to provide a draft copy of each information product that is based on or uses restricted-use data to the IES Data Security Office for a disclosure review. The Licensee must not release the information product to any person not authorized to access the data until formally notified by IES that no potential disclosures were found. This review process usually takes 3 to 5 business days.

The PPO shall also forward a final copy of each publication containing information based on restricted-use data to the IES Data Security Office. Send draft and final publications to:

IES Data Security Office
Department of Education/IES/NCES
550 12th Street, SW
Room 4060
Washington, DC 20202