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SASS Teacher Follow-up Survey (TFS)


Key Terms

Some of the key terms used in TFS are described below. For descriptions of other terms, please refer to Documentation for the 2012–13 Teacher Follow-up Survey (Cox, Thomas, Simon, and Strizek, forthcoming).

Leavers. Teachers who left the teaching profession or teachers who were no longer teaching in any of grades pre-K–12 in the school year after the SASS administration (includes teachers whose status changed to short-term substitute, student teacher, or teacher aide).

Movers. Teachers who were still teaching in the school year after the SASS administration, but had moved to a different school.

Stayers. Teachers who were teaching in the same school in the year after the SASS administration as in the year of the SASS administration.

Itinerant teacher. An individual who teaches at more than one school; for example, a music teacher who teaches 3 days per week at one school and 2 days per week at another.