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National Household Education Surveys Program (NHES)


Household members. Individuals who think of the sampled household as their primary place of residence, including persons who usually stay in the household but are temporarily away on business or vacation , or in a hospital.

See the survey documentation for definitions specific to any one NHES survey. A few survey-specific definitions are below.

Adult training. Training that includes nondegree credentials (e.g., occupational certifications, licenses, postsecondary certificates, etc.) or work experience programs (e.g., apprenticeships, internships, etc.).

Homeschooling. Homeschooled students are school-age children (ages 5–17) in a grade equivalent to at least kindergarten and not higher than 12th grade who receive instruction at home instead of at a public or private school either all or most of the time.

Nonparental care. Care provided to a child on a regular basis from either a relative (other than a parent or guardian); a non-relative (either in the child’s home or in someone else’s home); or a day care center, preschool, or prekindergarten (not in a private home).