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Statistical Standards Program

Restricted Use Data Licenses

Confidential Information Protection and Statistical Efficiency Act (CIPSEA) Report to OMB

As an OMB recognized statistical agency or unit, NCES is required per OMB CIPSEA Guidelines (FR, Vol. 72, No. 115, pages 33362-33377) to report annually on (1) the use of the CIPSEA pledge, including an affirmation that the agency has followed the procedures established in the OMB CIPSEA Guidance and (2) the use of agents as allowed under CIPSEA. NCES is also required to identify any data or information it collects for nonstatistical purposes (as authorized by law). In particular, statistical agencies are instructed to explain the confidentiality provisions for all information not protected under CIPSEA, including any limitations on the confidentiality provisions.

To satisfy these requirements, NCES surveys are identified as requiring confidentiality pledges if covered by CIPSEA; as requiring data protection pledges if covered by the Education Sciences Reform Act (ESRA), as amended by the U.S.A. Patriot Act; and as not requiring a pledge of confidentiality in the case of administrative data. CIPSEA confidentiality pledges are included in Appendix A and ESRA data protection pledges are included in Appendix B. Our confidentiality and data protection procedures used to safeguard confidential information are described in the body of the report. This annual report also includes a description of the NCES use of various categories of CIPSEA agents and a discussion of the contractual and licensing procedures that are used to authorize these agents. Relevant language for data collection contracts is provided in Appendices C and D and relevant documents used to allow qualified researchers to access confidential or protected data off-site are included as Appendices E through H.

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