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Statistical Standards
Statistical Standards Program
Table of Contents
1. Development of Concepts and Methods
2. Planning and Design of Surveys
3. Collection of Data
4. Processing and Editing of Data
5. Analysis of Data / Production of Estimates or Projections
6. Establishment of Review Procedures

6-1 Review of Reports and Data Products

7. Dissemination of Data
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D
Publication information

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PURPOSE: To ensure that NCES produces and releases high quality products suitable for a variety of audiences, NCES employs a multistage review process for all NCES products. In the case of descriptive, analytic, and technical reports, the review process includes internal and external peer review comments that are addressed through a formal review meeting, known as the adjudication meeting.

KEY TERMS: key variables.

STANDARD 6-1-1: Prior to the release of a new micro data file, a report presenting the key variables contained on the file must be adjudicated and made available to the public. Key variables include the major variables that were identified in the analysis plan, and those items that will be maintained over time as part of an NCES data series.

STANDARD 6-1-2: All NCES products must be reviewed for technical details and overall quality. The level of review required for each type of product is identified in Table 6-1-A. NCES uses six levels of review:

    Level 1. Review and Adjudication: Requires Program Director (PD), Senior Technical Advisor (STA), Associate Commissioner (AC), Office of the Deputy Commissioner (ODC), and Office of the Commissioner (OC) review and signoff, and outside reviewers are included on the review committee.

    Level 1a. Rolling Review: Requires PD/STA/AC/ODC review and approval as parts of the whole are completed. Final product requires full Level 1 review.

    Level 2. Statistical Review: Requires PD/AC/ODC review and approval, but no outside review or adjudication. The inclusion of an STA review is at the discretion of the AC.

    Level 3. AC/ODC/OC: Requires PD/AC/ODC/OC review and approval, but no outside review or adjudication. The inclusion of an STA review is at the discretion of the AC.

    Level 4. AC: Requires PD/AC review and approval, but no ODC/OC or outside review or adjudication.

    Level 5. NCES/RIMG/OMB: Requires PD/STA/AC approval within NCES, plus review/approval by Regulatory Information Management Group (RIMG) and Office of Management and the Budget (OMB), and copy to Chief Statistician.

    Level 6. Author/Web publisher: Requires full review/adjudication as appropriate for the original NCES numbered product.

STANDARD 6-1-3: Reports requiring Level 1 Review and Adjudication must go through the review procedures outlined in List 6-1-A and Chart 6-1-A.

STANDARD 6-1-4: All NCES Web products/applications require review as outlined in Table 6-1-B.

STANDARD 6-1-5: The NCES publication process and related timelines must be documented on the publication sign off sheet (Form 6-1-A).


Table 6-1-A. NCES Products: Required Reviews

Table 6-1-B. NCES WEB Products: Required Reviews

List 6-1-A: Keys Steps in the Review and Adjudication Process

Chart 6-1-A: NCES Publication Review Process

Form 6-1-A: NCES Publication Review Form

Letter 6-1-A: Reviewer Cover Letter