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NCES Staff

Locate NCES staff members below or select a menu option to find staff by Survey, Topic, or Service area. For other U.S. Dept. of Education staff, visit the "ED Employee Locator." See the NCES Organizational Chart.


Sample Surveys Division: Cross-Sectional Surveys Branch, NCES
Boivin, Sharon (202) 245-7579
Broughman, Stephen P. (202) 245-8338
Grady, Sarah (202) 245-7063
Hansen, Rachel (202) 245-7082
Hudson, Lisa (202) 245-7027
O'Rear, Isaiah (202) 245-6926
Spiegelman, Maura (202) 245-6581

NCESNational Center for Education Statistics
NCERNational Center for Education Reserch
NCEENational Center for Education Evaluation and
Regional Assistance
NCSERNational Center for Special Education Research
IES/ODInstitute of Education Sciences/Office of the Director
IES/ITInstitute of Education Sciences/Information Technology
IES/DDSInstitute of Education Sciences/Deputy Director for Science
IES/DDAPInstitute of Education Sciences/Deputy Director for
Administration and Policy