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Lisa Hudson

Education Statistician
Sample Surveys Division: Cross-Sectional Surveys Branch, NCES

Specialties and Functions:

Adult and Career Education

National Center for Education Statistics
Potomac Center Plaza
550 12th Street SW
Washington DC 20202

(202) 245-7027


Survey Areas

Career/Technical Education Statistics  (CTE Statistics)

Staff for CTE Statistics   Publications for CTE Statistics   CTE Statistics Home Page

Interagency Working Group on Expanded Measures of Enrollment and Attainment  (GEMEnA) : General questions

Staff for GEMEnA   Publications for GEMEnA   GEMEnA Home Page

National Household Education Survey  (NHES)

Staff for NHES   Publications for NHES   NHES Home Page

Topic Areas

Adult education
Vocational education : Career/technical education