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Meredith Larson

Education Research Analyst | Program Officer
Policy and Systems Division, NCER

Specialties and Functions:

Program Officer: Postsecondary and Adult Education, Postdoctoral Research Training Program in the Education Sciences, Center for the Study of Adult Literacy, Adult Skills Research Network, Postsecondary Online Learning Center, Research Center Database

Institute of Education Sciences
National Center for Education Research
U.S. Department of Education
550 12th St. SW, Room 4123
Washington, DC 20202

(202) 804-7451


Topic Areas

Adult education : Policy, Systems, Teaching, and Learning
Adult literacy : Reading, writing, numeracy, and English language
Instructional resources and practices
Mathematics/science education : For postsecondary and adult education
Postsecondary education : Teaching and learning interventions, including CTE
Postsecondary faculty/instructional staff : Professional development
Technology in education
Vocational education : For postsecondary and adult education