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Emmanuel Sikali

Senior Research Scientist/Mathematical Statistician
Assessments Division: Reporting and Dissemination Branch, NCES

Specialties and Functions:

AD Project director of databases training, NAEP Research, Measurement, Longterm Trends Assessment, Main NAEP, Technology Based Assessment, NAEP Reporting, Adult Literacy

National Center for Education Statistics
Potomac Center Plaza
550 12th Street, SW
Room 4100
Washington, D.C. 20202, USA

(202) 245-7814


Survey Areas

National Assessment of Educational Progress  (NAEP) : Training Programs, Research, and Methodology

Staff for NAEP   Publications for NAEP   NAEP Home Page

National Assessments of Adult Literacy  (NAAL) : Analysis

Staff for NAAL   Publications for NAAL   NAAL Home Page

Topic Areas

Adult education
Adult literacy : Analysis and Reporting
Arts education : Reporting and Analysis
Assessments : Issues with Large Assessment, Direct Estimation
Information technology : Computer Based Asessment
Mathematics/science education : Analysis and Reporting
School districts : Assessment Data Analysis and Reporting