Type of NCES Product

Applied Research Methods:
Applied Research Methods

Brochures present an overview of NCES programs or surveys.

CD/DVDs present NCES data and related documentation. Products include micro-data files, documentation for micro-data files, data embedded in data analysis systems, and data in electronic tabulations.

Compendiums are comprehensive resource publications that summarize major education statistics on the status and progress of education at one or more levels of education from preprimary through graduate education, adult education and lifelong learning.

Data File:
Data Files present NCES data and related documentation. Products include micro-data files and documentation for micro-data files.

Data Point:
Data Point

Descriptive Study:
Descriptive Study

Directories typically present listings of educational institutions and agencies.

Evaluation Brief:
Evaluation Brief

Evaluation Report:
Evaluation Reports

Financial Tables Report:
Financial Tables Report

First Look / ED TAB:
First Look reports are a short collection of tables, presented with selected findings and appendix materials that describe data collection, edit and analysis methodology. First Look reports accompany the initial release of a dataset.

Guides provide descriptions of NCES data collection programs and manuals of procedures.

Handbooks provide descriptions of procedures and recommendations for best practices.

How-To Guide:
How-To Guide

Impact Study:
Impact Study

Intervention Report:
Intervention Reports

Issue Brief:
Issue Briefs are typically a two-page summary of a particular topic. A limited number of tables and charts are presented with descriptive text intended to provide a quick view of a current topic.

Issues and Answers Report:
Issues and Answers Reports

Making an Impact:
Making an Impact

Making Connections:
Making Connections

Practice Guide:
Practice Guides

Proceedings/Conference Report:
Proceedings/Conference Reports are compilations of papers presented at NCES sponsored conferences and workshops.

The Quarterly offers an accessible, convenient overview of all NCES products released in a given quarter. Each issue includes: short publications in their entirety, executive summaries of longer publications, descriptive paragraphs of other NCES products, as well as notices about training and funding opportunities.

Quick Review:
Quick Reviews

Reference Guide:
Reference Guide

Research and Development Report:
Research and Development Reports are detailed reports of emerging issues, state-of-the-art analytic approaches, and new software applications. The findings reported in developmental work are subject to revision as the work continues and additional data become available.

Research Report:
Research Reports

Rigorous Study:
Rigorous Studies

Self-Study Guide:
Self-Study Guide

Single Study Review:
A Single Study Review documents the findings from an individual study of a program, practice, or policy. The report includes a brief summary, the WWCs assessment of the quality of the research design, and technical details about the studys design and findings.

Snapshot report

Stated Briefly:
Stated Briefly

Statistical Analysis Report:
Statistical Analysis Reports present an overview of results from one survey, or from one topic based on analysis across several surveys. The data and findings are presented with commentary to identify substantively and statistically significant results, and their relationship to educational research.

Statistics in Brief:
Statistics in Brief are a short focused analysis of a specific topic. Generally four to fifteen pages in length, these reports are designed to provide data on policy relevant topics.

Systematic Literature Review:
Systematic Literature Review

Data tables.

Technical Brief:
Technical Briefs

Technical Methods Report:
Technical Methods Reports

Technical/Methodological Report:
Technical/Methodological Reports are an in-depth analysis of analytic methods, survey design, survey procedures, or data quality issues.



Topic Report:
Topic Reports

User's Manual/Data File Documentation:
User's Manual/Data File Documentation present information on NCES data files and related documentation.

Videos are VHS formatted tapes of survey findings, case studies or best practices.

What's Happening:
What's Happening

What's Known:
What's Known

Working Paper:
Working Papers provide preliminary analysis of substantive, technical, and methodological issues. These works in progress are used to present and promote the sharing of valuable experience and knowledge. They have not undergone a rigorous review for consistency with NCES standards.

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