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Title:  Carbo Reading Styles Program
Description: The Carbo Reading Styles Program® is a literacy intervention for students in grades K–12 that aims to meet the individual needs of learners through assessment and tailoring of the instruction to students’ particular reading learning styles. The term “learning styles” refers to the concept that different students may need different instructional approaches. Students’ preferred learning styles are classified as auditory, visual, or kinesthetic (a style in which learning takes place by the student carrying out a physical activity). The intervention uses the Reading Styles Inventory®, which determines a student’s learning style for reading and provides specific teaching recommendations that accommodate that style. Teachers receive training in the implementation of the Carbo Reading Styles Program® and a variety of teaching methods appropriate to the different reading styles of their students. The Carbo Reading Styles Program® can be used in individual and group settings as a primary or supplementary program. This review of the Carbo Reading Styles Program® for Beginning Reading focuses on students in grades K–3.
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Cover Date: October 2014
Web Release: October 15, 2014
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Publication #: WWC IRLIT68
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