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Title:  Stated Briefly Data collection and use in early childhood education programs: Evidence from the Northeast Region
Description: This “Stated Briefly” report is a companion piece that summarizes the results of another report of the same name. This study explores how seven early childhood education programs in a mid-sized city in the Northeast region are collecting and using data, how they would like to use data, how they could use the data that they have, and the challenges they face in these efforts. Participating preschools used a variety of externally and internally developed systems to collect data on early learning outcomes, dosage (the amount of time children spend in early childhood education), and classroom quality. The preschools also provided data on early learning outcomes and dosage to parents, but some administrators and teachers had concerns about effective strategies for communicating findings from the data. The preschools reported collecting sufficient data and generally do not want to collect more data.
Online Availability:
Cover Date: April 2015
Web Release: April 27, 2015
Print Release: April 27, 2015
Publication #: REL 2015085
General Ordering Information
Center/Program: REL
Associated Centers: NCEE
Authors: Jacqueline Zweig, Clare W. Irwin, Janna Fuccillo Kook, and Josh Cox: Education Development Center, Inc. In collaboration with the Early Childhood Education Research Alliance
Type of Product: Stated Briefly
Questions: For questions about the content of this Stated Briefly, please contact:
Amy Johnson.