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Title: Stated Briefly: Participation and Pass Rates for College Preparatory Transition Courses in Kentucky
Description: This study examines Kentucky high school students' participation and pass rates in college preparatory transition courses, voluntary remedial courses in math and reading offered to grade 12 students. These courses are targeted to students scoring just below the state’s college readiness benchmarks on the ACT in grade 11. The study found that: participation was nearly four times higher in math transition courses than in reading transition courses; more than half of students who participated in a math transition course were from the targeted group, compared with about a third of students who participated in a reading transition course; overall pass rates were 93 percent in math and 97 percent in reading; and participation was at least three times higher in nonurban schools than in urban schools. This "Stated Briefly" report is a companion piece that summarizes the results of another report of the same name (REL 2014–009).
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Cover Date: January 2015
Web Release: January 6, 2015
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Publication #: REL 2015060
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Center/Program: REL
Associated Centers: NCEE
Type of Product: Stated Briefly
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