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Title: Federal Support for Education: Fiscal Years 1980 to 1996
Description: This report attempts to provide a comprehensive picture of total federal financial support for education since fiscal year 1980. This report has put federal education funding into three categories: on budget support, off-budget support, and nonfederal funds generated by federal programs. On-budget funding for federal programs is generally set through Congressional appropriations. Off-budget support is federal money that has been excluded from the budget by law. Nonfederal funds generated by federal programs result from federal loan guarantees and interest subsidies to support loan capita raised through various private and public sources. The report shows current and constant dollar comparisons, based on federal funds composite deflator from the U.S. Office of Management and Budget, Budget of the United States Government, Fiscal Year 1997.
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Cover Date: December 1996
Web Release: December 27, 1996
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Publication #: NCES 97384
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Center/Program: NCES
GPO Number: 065-000-00958-7
GPO Price: $4.50
Type of Product: Statistical Analysis Report
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