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Title: Education in States and Nations: Indicators Comparing U.S. States with the OECD Countries in 1988
Description: An indicators report parallelling the data presented in the OECD publication "Education at a Glance". The U.S. data presented by OECD will be broken in a way which allows cross state comparisons.
Online Availability:
Cover Date: December 1993
Web Release: December 1, 1993
Print Release:
Publication #: NCES 93237
General Ordering Information
Center/Program: NCES
Type of Product: Compendium
Survey/Program Areas: Annual Reports and Information Staff (Annual Reports)
Common Core of Data (CCD)
Current Population Survey, October (CPS)
International Activities Program (IAP)
Schools and Staffing Survey (SASS)
Questions: For questions about the content of this Compendium, please contact:
Xiaolei Wang.