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Title: 2019-20 Common Core of Data (CCD) Preliminary Directory Files
Description: On July 7th, 2020, the National Center for Education Statistics released the 2019-20 Common Core of Data (CCD) Preliminary Directory Files. These files are the product of the CCD data collection for the 2019-20 school year. Data are reported at district and school levels as of October 1, 2019. The preliminary directory files include basic identifying information for each public school and local education agency (LEA), including the NCES identification numbers, location and mailing address and some limited attributes about the school or LEA, such as type, operational status, the lowest and highest grade offered. The preliminary directories do not include aggregated demographic information such as student enrollment or teacher and staff counts. For the preliminary directory, NCES has only conducted a limited review of the files. It is meant to provide data users with a more timely release of basic information for school and LEA. The full CCD universe for SY 2019-20 (which will include demographic information) will be published in Spring 2021.
Online Availability:
Cover Date: July 2020
Web Release: July 7, 2020
Publication #: NCES 2020122
Center/Program: NCES
Associated Centers: IES
Type of Product: Data File
Survey/Program Areas: Common Core of Data (CCD)
Public Schools
Questions: For questions about the content of this Data File, please contact:
Chen-Su Chen.