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Title:  Web Tables—Trends in Debt for Bachelor’s Degree Recipients a Year After Graduation: 1994, 2001 and 2009
Description: This report presents a comprehensive set of tables about the debt of recent college graduates for three cohorts of bachelor’s degree recipients spanning a 15-year period. Tables feature statistics on loan repayment, further educational pursuits, and employment status of first-time bachelor’s degree recipients who graduated in 1992–93, 1999–2000, and 2007–08. Borrowing and debt detail includes the percentage of college graduates who borrowed, the cumulative amount borrowed to obtain a bachelor’s degree, repayment status after 1 year, average amounts owed, average monthly payments, and debt burden for all three cohorts. Tables also present information about subsequent enrollment in post-bachelor’s education, participation in the labor market, including K-12 teaching, and annual salary. Lastly, tables present graduates’ debt status relative to their living arrangements, (with parents, own or rent residence), family formation, and whether borrowers had a spouse also repaying loans. All tables are broken out by key demographic, enrollment, and employment characteristics.
Online Availability:
Cover Date: December 2012
Web Release: January 2, 2012
Publication #: NCES 2013156
Center/Program: NCES
Authors: Jennie Woo & Morgan Matthews, MPR Associates, Inc.
Type of Product: Tables
Survey/Program Areas: Baccalaureate and Beyond (B&B)
Bachelor's degrees
Debt burden
Higher education
Labor market outcomes
Postsecondary education
Student financial aid
Questions: For questions about the content of this Tables, please contact:
Aurora M. D'Amico.