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Title:  Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, Kindergarten Class of 1998-99 (ECLS-K) Kindergarten Through Fifth Grade Parent and Teacher Social Rating Scale (SRS) Items and Restricted-Use Data Files
Description: This CD includes the parent and teacher Social Rating Scale (SRS) restricted-use item-level data and questionnaire items from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, Kindergarten Class of 1998-99 (ECLS-K). Parents responded to SRS items in the kindergarten and first-grade rounds of the ECLS-K; teachers responded in the kindergarten and first-, third-, and fifth-grade rounds of the ECLS-K. Both the parent and teacher SRS data files include 1) one variable for each of the SRS items and 2) the unique CHILDID variable from the public-use data file. The CHILDID variable can be used to link each child's SRS Social Rating Scale variables to the rest of the child's ECLS-K data.

To obtain this CD, you must be a restricted-use data license holder. Information about applying for a restricted-use data license can be found at In addition, because the SRS is a copyrighted instrument, data requestors must receive publisher and NCES permission for access to the items. For information on this process, please see
Online Availability:
Cover Date: July 2010
Web Release: July 28, 2010
Print Release: July 28, 2010
Publication #: NCES 2010071
Restricted Data Licenses
Center/Program: NCES
Authors: NCES
Type of Product: CD/DVD
Survey/Program Areas: Early Childhood Longitudinal Study (ECLS)
Questions: For questions about the content of this CD/DVD, please contact:
NCES WebMaster.