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Title:  Public-Use Data Files and Documentation: Educational Technology in Teacher Education Programs for Initial Licensure
Description: This file contains data from a 2006 quick-response survey titled “Educational Technology in Teacher Education Programs for Initial Licensure.” The study provides information on how teacher candidates within teacher education programs for initial licensure at 4-year postsecondary institutions are being prepared to use educational technology once they enter the field. The survey questions focus on the characteristics of teacher education programs for initial licensure, regardless of whether the programs are at the undergraduate or graduate level. NCES released the results of the survey in the publication Educational Technology in Teacher Education Programs for Initial Licensure. In May 2006, questionnaires and cover letters for the study were mailed to all Title IV degree-granting 4-year postsecondary institutions in the 50 states and the District of Columbia. The letter introduced the study, and requested that the questionnaire be completed by the person or persons at the institution most knowledgeable about the role of educational technology in the institution’s teacher education programs for initial licensure. Respondents were also offered the option of completing the survey via the Web. Telephone follow-up for survey nonresponse and data clarification was initiated in June 2006, and data collection was completed in September 2006. The final response rate was 95 percent. Respondents were asked about the educational technology-related topics and practices taught within teacher education programs for initial licensure (e.g., using Internet resources and communication tools for instruction, creating or using digital portfolios, using technology to access or manipulate data to guide instruction). They were asked to report the extent to which teacher candidates are taught to use technology tools for a variety of purposes (e.g., enhancing or enriching classroom instruction, assessing individual student progress, designing instructional interventions). Information was collected on the extent to which teacher candidates are able to practice what they learn during their field experiences and the extent to which this opportunity is impeded by a variety of barriers within classrooms (e.g., availability of technology infrastructure, willingness of supervising teachers to integrate technology, competing priorities in the classrooms). Respondents also reported the perceived program outcomes for graduates (e.g., the ability to construct project-based learning lessons, recognize when students with special needs may benefit from adaptive/assistive technology, integrate technology into instruction). The extent to which various factors act as barriers to the integration of educational technology into the daily teaching and learning environment of teacher candidates was also collected.
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Cover Date: April 2008
Web Release: April 9, 2008
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Publication #: NCES 2008013
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Center/Program: NCES
Type of Product: Data File
Survey/Program Areas: Postsecondary Education Quick Information System (PEQIS)
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