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Title: Reporting the Results of the National Assessment of Educational Progress
Description: This paper explores ways results of NAEP data collections might be communicated to a variety of audiences, each with differing needs for information, interests in its findings, and sophistication in interpreting its results. The author describes “market-basket” reporting as a feasible alternative to traditional NAEP reporting. These reports would include samples of items and exercises used in an assessment together with their scoring rubrics which would give a clearer picture of the kinds of skills assessed by NAEP, as well as an indication of skills not assessed. In the second section of the paper, the author cautions that in order to uphold strict standards of data quality, NAEP reports must format and display results to make them more accessible while also discouraging readers from drawing overly broad interpretations of the data. A final section describes a detailed program of research on reporting and dissemination of NAEP findings based on these three dimensions: the research questions to be asked; the audiences to whom the questions should be addressed; and the strategies through which the questions should be pursued – as well as the intersection of these dimensions. The author suggests that the highest priority be given to research on reporting through public media; followed by making NAEP reporting more understandable and useful to school curriculum and instruction personnel, reporting to the public, and further research with state education personnel.
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Cover Date: April 2003
Web Release: May 20, 2003
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Publication #: NCES 200311
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Center/Program: NCES
Type of Product: Working Paper
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Survey/Program Areas: National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)
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