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Title:  National Household Education Surveys of 2001: Data File Userís Manual, Volume IV, Adult Education and Lifelong Learning Survey
Description: This manual provides documentation and guidance for users of the public-use data file for the NHES:2001 Adult Education and Lifelong Learning Survey (AELL-NHES:2001). This volume contains a description of the content and organization of the data file, including useful information regarding questionnaire items and the various derived variables found on the file. The reader should especially note the discussion of data considerations and anomalies in chapter 7. Included as appendixes are the public-use data file layout, SAS code for creating derived variables, the codebook for the AELL-NHES:2001 public-use data file, and directions and sample code for linking the NHES:2001 data files. Volume IV is meant to be read in conjunction with Volume I of the NHES:2001 Data File Userís Manual. More information about the purpose of the study, the sample design, the ECPP and ASPA surveys, the data collection instruments, and data collection and data processing procedures is contained in Volume I. Detailed information about the ECPP-NHES:2001 and the ASPA-NHES:2001 can be found in Volumes II and III, respectively.
Online Availability:
Cover Date: September 2003
Web Release: September 29, 2003
Print Release:
Publication #: NCES 2003082
General Ordering Information
Center/Program: NCES
Type of Product: User's Manual/Data File Documentation
Survey/Program Areas: National Household Education Survey (NHES)
Questions: For questions about the content of this User's Manual/Data File Documentation, please contact:
Chris Chapman.