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Title: Using Telephone and Mail Surveys as a Supplement or Alternative to Door-to-Door Surveys in the Assessment of Adult Literacy
Description: This paper discusses the use of telephone surveys as a substitute for, or addition to, the use of door-to-door surveys in assessing adult literacy ability. Part 1 addresses issues of validity in adult literacy assessment. Part 2 is a review of related research that has used telephone and mail surveys to assess the cognitive abilities of adults. Part 3 discusses the theoretical model of literacy that the National Assessments of Adult Literacy (NAAL) and International Adult Literacy Survey (IALS) have used and how that model can be modified to incorporate a developmental and componential model of literacy that also includes the oral language aspects of literacy given in the Adult Education and Family Literacy Act of 1998. Finally, Part 4 addresses several issues about the use of telephone and mail surveys, including concerns about using these survey methods in such a way as to make continuity in trend data from previous surveys of adult literacy possible.
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Cover Date: March 2000
Web Release: March 29, 2000
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Publication #: NCES 200006
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Center/Program: NCES
Type of Product: Working Paper
  Working Papers provide preliminary analysis of substantive, technical, and methodological issues. They are works in progress that are presented to promote the sharing of valuable work experience and knowledge. These papers have not undergone a rigorous review for consistency with NCES standards.
Survey/Program Areas: Adult Literacy and Lifeskills (ALL)
International Activities Program (IAP)
National Assessments of Adult Literacy (NAAL)
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