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NCES 200111 Impact of Selected Background Variables on Students' NAEP Math Performance
This publication reports on a research study indicating that language background affects performance on the National Assessment of Educational Progress mathematics assessment.
NCES 200113 The Effects of Accommodations on the Assessment of LEP Students in NAEP
This publication reports the results of a research study on the feasibility and validity of various accommodations in the context of mathematics assessment. It was found that some accommodations would actually benefit all students, while others are useful in removing barriers to participation of special-needs students.
NCES 200119 The Measurement of Home Background Indicators
This report describes cognitive laboratory investigations of how 4th and 8th grade students respond to home background questions, and whether they know the information being asked for.
NCES 200107 A Comparison of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), the Third International Mathematics and Science Study Repeat (TIMSS-R), and the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA)
This Working Paper compares the eighth-grade science and mathematics portions of NAEP 2000 with TIMSS-R and the scientific literacy and mathematics literacy portions of PISA. It is based on the work of expert panels who examined items on each of the assessments in terms of content, response type, context, requirement for multi-step reasoning, and other characteristics.
NCES 9815 Development of a Prototype System for Accessing Linked NCES data
Recently, NCES began providing its survey data and tools through the Internet, a step which has greatly expanded accessibility to these data. However, both NCES internal staff and its customers have a further need for the ability to directly access "linked" data from multiple survey, multiple components within a survey, and multiple time points, for methodological and analytic purposes. This paper is a report of a project that assesses NCES' capabilities to support the dissemination of linked data.
NCES 199905 Procedures Guide for Transcript Studies
NCES has collected high school transcript data since 1982. This report sets forth a set of standard procedures for conducting analyses with these data. It provides information that should lead to standardized practices and an understanding of the decisions that are made when analyzing these data. A companion paper, The 1998 Revision of the Secondary School Taxonomy, concerns the framework used for aggregating individual course offerings when analyzing transcript data.
NCES 199906 1998 Revision of the Secondary School Taxonomy
The Secondary School Taxonomy (SST) was developed in the 1980s as a framework for aggregating and analyzing high school transcript data and has since been used to monitor the nation's progress toward meeting national goals for student course-taking in academic and vocational subjects, as well as overall trends in course-taking in America's high schools. This report is the first published update of the SST since it was developed. A companion paper, Procedures Guide for Transcript Studies, sets forth a set of standard procedures for conducting secondary school transcript analyses with NCES data.
NCES 9737 Working Paper: Optimal Rating Procedures and Methodology for NAEP Open-ended Items
This study considers the fragmented analysis of errors in the rating of open-ended responses; it develops a methodology for a more unified analysis; the methodology is applied to analyze rater effects; imaging technology is used to minimize rater effects; and then conclusions are drawn and recommendations are made based on these analyses.
NCES 9732 Working Paper: Innovative Solutions to Intractable Large Scale Assessment (Problem 2: Background Questionnaires)
A portion of the background information collected in NAEP is subject specific. This report argues that the information collected currently is of dubious quality, and that information that is both more extensive and valid could be collected.
NCES 9729 Working Paper: Can State Assessment Data be Used to Reduce State NAEP Sample Sizes?
If sample sizes for NAEP could be reduced, participation might not only be easier for states, but less costly for the federal government. One way to do this might be to incorporate linkages from state assessments to NAEP. This paper studies possible linkages.
NCES 9730 Working Paper: ACT's NAEP REDESIGN PROJECT: Assessment Design is the Key to Useful and Stable Assessment Results
This report presents an investigation by ACT of an alternative design for the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). The proposed design greatly simplifies the data collection and analysis procedures needed to produce assessment results. The design has the potential to provide more timely results by using procedures that are less complex and that are easier to understand than are current procedures.
NCES 9731 NAEP RECONFIGURED: An Integrated Redesign of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)
The report considers overall NAEP designs and discusses the implications that each of these designs have. The paper argues for an integrated approach to the redesign of NAEP. Specific designs are offered for measuring cognitive and background information. Finally, ways to improve scoring and analysis are given.
NCES 94251 NELS:88 Second Follow-up Research and Development Working Papers
This research and development white paper contains three separate methodology monographs: 1) Conducting cross-cohort comparisons using HS&B, NAEP and NELS:88 academic high school transcript data, 2) conducting trend analyses of NLS-72, HS&B and NELS:88 seniors, and 3) NELS:88 Second Follow-up Questionnaire content areas and research issues.
NCES 9506 National Education Longitudinal Study of 1988: Conducting Cross-Cohort Comparisons Using HS&B, NAEP, and NELS:88 Academic Transcript Data
This report provides information that will assist researchers in designing comparative analyses of these four NCES high school transcript data bases; NELS:88, NLS-72, NAEP, and HS&B.
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