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NCES 97990 The NAEP Guide: A Description of the Content and Methods of the 1997 and 1998 Assessments
The goals of The NAEP Guide are to provide readers with an overview of the project and to help them better understand the philosophical approach, procedures, analyses, and psychometric underpinnings of NAEP. This guide acquaints readers with NAEP's informational resources, demonstrates how NAEP's design matches its role as an indicator of national educational achievement, and describes some of the method used in th 1997 and 1998 assessments.
NCES 97262 The 1994 High School Transcript Study Technical Report
This report is one of three reports for the 1994 High School Transcript Study. This report documents the procedures used to collect and summarize the data.
NCES 97586 The NAEP Guide: A Description of the Content and Methods of the 1994 and 1996 Assessments
The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) is mandated by Congress to survey the educational accomplishments of U.S. students and to monitor changes in those accomplishments. NAEP tracks the educational achievement of fourth-, eighth-, and twelfth-grade students over time in selected content areas. For over 27 years, NAEP has been collecting data with the aim of providing accurate and useful information to educators and policymakers.
NCES 97897 The NAEP 1994 Technical Report
The purpose of this technical report is to provide details on the instrument development, sample design, data collection, and data analysis procedures of the 1994 assessment.
NCES 96802 Technical Issues in Large-Scale Performance Assessment
This report discusses methodological and technical issues in designing, using, and evaluating large-scale performance assessments. Chapters discuss validity; comparability; generalizability; setting performance standards; and fairness and equity. Authors include outside experts in the field of assessment and NCES staff.
NCES 96116 Technical Report of the NAEP 1994 Trial State Assessment in Reading
This report documents the methodology used to conduct the State NAEP component in reading.
NCES 95697 Using HLM and NAEP Data to Explore School Correlates of 1990 Mathematics and Geometry Achievement in Grades 4, 8, 12 - Methodology and Results
This project used the 1990 NAEP mathematics data in all three grades to demonstrate the application of hierarchical linear models (HLM) to the NAEP.
NCES 94490 The 1992 NAEP Technical Report for the National Assessment
Describes the technical issues involved in the data collection and reporting of the 1992 NAEP Assessment in Reading for the Nation.
NCES 94472 Technical Report of the NAEP 1992 Trial State Assessment Program in Reading
This report describes the methodological steps taken to conduct the 1992 TSA in Reading.
NCES 93421 Interpreting NAEP Scales
Various past, current and possible future methods of interpreting data from NAEP.
NCES 911051 Technical Summary Report
This report will document the procedures used in the 1990 NAEP Trial State Assessment.
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