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NCES 1984205 High School and Beyond Transcripts Survey (1982). Data File User's Manual. Contractor Report.
This data file user's manual documents the procedures used to collect and process high school transcripts for a large sample of the younger cohort (1980 sophomores) in the High School and Beyond survey. The manual provides the user with the technical assistance needed to use the computer file and also discusses the following: (1) sample design for the high school transcripts survey, (2) data collection, (3) data control and preparation, (4) data processing, (5) organization and content of the data file, and (6) codebook.
IES 1982218 A Classification of Secondary School Courses
Intended for use in collecting data on secondary school course offerings, this inventory of courses taught nationwide at the secondary level is organized in a classified arrangement. Each course is identified by a six-digit numerical code. The inventory of course titles was developed from three major sources--a sample of 52 public and private secondary school catalogs dated 1979 through 1981; statewide course lists from California, Washington, and Illinois; and recommendations from a panel of experts in secondary school curricula. The inventory includes instructions on its use and information about special features, a list of instructional program categories, cross references for closely related programs, and a title index. Courses are classified under 30 headings.
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