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REL 2012117 Nutrition and Physical Education Policy and Practice in the Pacific Region
The report describes the percentage of secondary schools that have adopted policies and practices for student wellness, physical education, food service, and nutrition education across the seven jurisdictions in the Pacific Region. Policies include providing professional development for lead health education teachers, developing strategies to promote healthy eating, forming a health council, and providing or prohibiting certain foods. Practices include requiring nutrition and physical education courses, and assessing physical activity or nutrition, and encouraging family and community involvement in health topics.
NCES 2000040 Nutrition Education in Public Elementary School Classrooms, K-5
There has been little national-level information available about the quantity and quality of nutrition education in schools. This report presents data from a 1997 Fast Response Survey System (FRSS) survey of teachers in public elementary schools, specifically grades k-5. It focuses on the amount and type of nutrition instruction occurring in elementary school classrooms nationwide and the adequacy of the resources teachers have available to teach nutrition. The report contains information on placement of nutrition education in the curriculum, teaching strategies employed, coordination with school meals program staff and working with parents, and in-service training for teachers on nutrition education.
NCES 96852 Nutrition Education in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools
The report focuses on information about the placement of nutrition education in the school curriculum, the content of nutrition instruction, the coordination of the nutrition ducation efforts, and the various resources available for nutrition education in public schools. Keywords: nutrition education
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