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NCES 1999330 Coverage Evaluation of the Academic Library Survey
The report contains the results of an evaluation of coverage issues regarding the Academic Libraries Survey (ALS). Its objectives are to determine the accuracy of coverage based upon policy, Organization, survey design, universe of participation, survey coordinator perceptions, and public versus private institution reporting. Suggestions are made to identify potential ways of improving the process of collecting academic libraries information.
NCES 2000326 E.D. TAB: Academic Libraries: 1996
This report is based on information from the 1996 IPEDS Academic Libraries Survey. The tables in this publication summarize library services, library staff, library collections, and library expenditures for libraries in higher education institutions in the 50 states and the District of Columbia.
NCES 98311 The Status of Academic Libraries in the U.S.: Results from the 1994 Academic Library Survey, With Historical Comparisons to 1974
This report presents a description of the status of academic libraries in 1994, a time of rapid technology related change and increased introduction of electronic services. The report presents detailed tabulations for 1994 and historical comparisons with previous years, with a focus on comparisons since 1990.
NCES 98270 Data File: Academic Library Survey, Fiscal Year 1994
Micro-data on academic libraries at 3,303 institutions of higher education.
NCES 98062 Distance Education in Higher Education Institutions
This PEQIS study was designed to provide nationally representative data about distance education course offerings in higher education institutions. The study obtained information about the percentage of institutions that currently offer and that plan to offer distance education courses in the next 3 years; distance education courses offerings, including the types of technologies used to deliver distance education courses and the sites to which such courses are directed; distance education enrollments and completions; characteristics of distance education courses and programs; distance education program goals; future plans for distance education course offerings; and factors keeping institutions from starting or expanding their distance education offerings.
NCES 92044 E.D. TAB: Academic Libraries: 1990
This will be an E.D.Tab for academic library data collected biennially through the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS), and will include tables on operating expenditures, collection, interlibrary loans, and services.
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