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WWC IRALRM Reading Mastery
Reading Mastery, one of several curriculum components that constitute the Direct Instruction curriculum from SRA/McGraw-Hill, is designed to provide systematic instruction in reading to students in grades K–6. Based on its review of the research, WWC found Reading Mastery to have potentially positive effects on reading fluency and no discernible effects on comprehension for adolescent learners.
WWC IRALRA10 Reading Apprenticeship
Reading Apprenticeship is an instructional approach targeted to middle, high school, and community college students that aims to improve reading fluency and comprehension through the use of professional development activities for teachers and an emphasis on peer interaction, problem-solving, and knowledge-building for students. Based on the research evidence, the WWC found the approach to have potentially positive effects on comprehension for adolescent learners.
READ 180 is a reading program designed for students in elementary through high school whose reading achievement is below the proficient level. The goal of READ 180 is to address gaps in students’ skills through the use of a computer program, literature, and direct instruction in reading skills. The software component of the program aims to track and adapt to each student’s progress. In addition to the computer program, the READ 180 program includes workbooks designed to address reading comprehension skills, paperback books for independent reading, and audiobooks with corresponding CDs for modeled reading.
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