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NCES 2004026 Federal Support for Education: Fiscal Years 1980 to 2003
This report provides a comprehensive picture of total federal financial support for education from fiscal year 1980 through fiscal year 2003. A summary of dollar amounts spent on education programs in the U.S. Department of Education and other government agencies is provided.
NCES 200015 Feasibility Report: School-Level Finance Pretest, Private School Questionnaire
During the spring and summer of 1999 NCES conducted a field test of a private school finance questionnaire. This report describes the rational, methodolgy, procedures, and findings from that field test. Recommendations for future private school finance data collections are included.
NCES 199907 Collection of Resource and Expenditure Data on the Schools and Staffing Survey
This working paper summarizes a series of tasks undertaken to assess the feasibility of expending the resource and finance data collected in the Schools and Staffing Survey. It includes an overview of the Resource Cost Model, instruments designed to collect staffing data, an appraisal of earnings data from the CPS to estimate salaries for school staff, options for gathering benefits data, an approach to collecting tradition finance data at the school level, and a discussion of the analytical value of an integrated collection of both staffing resource and expenditure data.
NCES 9722 Collection of Private School Finance Data: Development of a Questionnaire
This working paper describes a series of tasks culminating in the development of a private school finance instrument. Included are the summaries of a meeting of the Private School Finance Technical Working Group and two pilot tests of draft instruments, and a description of the resulting instrument.
NCES 9707 The Determinants of Per-Pupil Expenditures in Private Elementary and Secondary Schools: An Exploratory Analysis
This working paper examines whether more accurate national estimates of private school expenditures can be derived by linking expenditure data collected by private school associations with information on school characteristics collected as part of the NCES Schools and Staffing Survey. Although successful in identifying school characteristics related to per-pupil expenditures, it was found that these characteristics do not fully explain differences in per-pupil expenditures among the three sectors of private education under study.
NCES 9616 Strategies for Collecting Finance Data from Private Schools
This working paper summarizes a series of tasks undertaken to assess the feasibility of collecting finance data from private schools. It begins with a literature review of existing data and sources of data on private school expenditures, includes a summary of site visits to private schools and focus groups with private school administrators detailing the types of expenditures found and reactions of administrators to a finance survey, and discusses the implications for the design of a data collection strategy.
NCES 9517 Estimates of Expenditures for Private K-12 Schools
This working paper summarizes NCES's attempt to develop national estimates of private elementary/secondary school expenditures using private school association data. It includes a discussion of to what extent expenditure data are routinely collected by private school associations, varies estimates of total private school expenditures using expenditure data from three private school associations, and a evaluation of the validity of the expenditure estimates derived from private school association data.
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