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NCES 2005303 What is the Status of High School Athletes 8 Years after Their Senior Year?
This report examines the status of high school athletes 8 years after their senior year in high school. Using a representative sample of sophomores in 1990, who were seniors in 1992, from the National Education Longitudinal Study of 1988 (NELS:88), this report provides information on 1990–1992 high school athletes’ educational, labor market, and health status in the year 2000, eight years after their scheduled high school graduation. Outcomes for persons who reported participating in high school athletics are compared to outcomes for persons who reported not participating in high school athletics. In addition, outcomes among persons who participated in high school athletics at different levels of participation—as elite athletes (team captains or most valuable players [MVPs] in 1990 or 1992), varsity athletes, and junior varsity (JV)/intramural athletes—are compared. The results of a hierarchical multiple regression analysis, to investigate the independent association between high school athletic participation and outcomes later in life—are also reported.
NCES 2005173 User's Guide to Developing Student Interest Surveys Under Title IX
This User's Guide, prepared for the Office for Civil Rights of the U.S. Department of Education, provides a guide for conducting a survey of student interest in order to satisfy Part 3 of the Three-Part Test established in the 1979 Policy Interpretation of the intercollegiate athletic provisions of Title IX of the Higher Education Act of 1972.
NCES 97911 Who Reports Participation in Varsity Inter-Collegiate Sports at 4-Yr Colleges
In this report, data from the National Education Longitudinal Study of 1988 (NELS:88) are used to investigate participation in intercollegiate athletics by members of the 8th-grade class of 1988.
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