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NCES 2005865 Developments in School Finance: 2004
This report contains papers presented at the 2004 annual NCES Summer Data Conference. Discussions and presentations dealt with such topics as measuring school efficiency, analyzing the return on education investment, calculating education costs per student, and assessing the financial condition of school districts.
NCES 2004325 Developments in School Finance: 2003
This report contains papers presented at the 2003 annual NCES Summer Data Conference. The scholars' papers address teacher turnover; financing urban schools; the costs of improving student performance; distinguishing good schools from bad in principle and practice; an evaluation of the efficacy of state adequacy and equity indicators; school finance reform in Vermont; and school accountability.
NCES 2003403 Developments in School Finance: 2001-02
This report contains papers presented at the 2001 and 2002 annual NCES Summer Data Conferences. The scholars' papers address school districts as budget-maximizing organizations; and evidence on racial disparities in school finance adequacy; teacher pay; vouchers; measuring the cost of education; and the school district bond rating process.
NCES 2002316 Developments in School Finance, 1999-2000
This report includes the fiscal proceedings from the annual NCES State Data Conference July 1999 and July 2000. The individual papers address evaluating school performance; school district spending on professional development; making money matter; school reform and resource allocation; school finance litigation and property tax revolts; and where new state money goes when distributed to school districts.
NCES 2001036 11th Federal Forecasters Conference: Papers and Proceedings
In the tradition of past meetings of federal forecasters, the 11th Federal Forecasters Conference (FFC/2000) held on September 14, 2000, in Washington, DC provided a forum where forecasters from different agencies and other organizations could meet and discuss various aspects of forecasting in the United States. The theme was "Forecasting, Policy, and the Internet." A variety of papers were presented by forecasters from the federal government, private sector, and academia. The topics of the papers dealt with agriculture, the economy, health, labor, population, and forecasting software.
NCES 2000302 Developments in School Finance, 1998
The focus of this publication is to address the theme, “How to measure school performance in a tangible way.” Articles included in this compilation revolve around the current and future financial status of school districts, how to portray that condition, and the significance of that standing for school performance.
NCES 98212 Developments in School Finance, 1997
School finance papers presented at the 1997 Summer Conference.
NCES 98279 Technology and its Ramifications for Data Systems
This is a report from a policy panel co-sponsored by the National Postsecondary Education Cooperative (NPEC) and the George Washington University, Department of Educational Leadership. The panel summary and recommendations and brief presentations of the panelists are all found in this report.
NCES 98283 Reconceptualizing Access in Postsecondary Education
This is a report from Sylvia Hurtado, Karen Inkelas, Laura Perna, Catherine Millet, Sandra Ruppert, and Brenda Albright co-sponsored by the National Postsecondary Education Cooperative (NPEC) and the American Council on Education (ACE). The report contains a summary of the panel deliberations, papers commissioned by five resource experts, and an annotated bibliography of research on access issues.
NCES 98134 The Ninth Federal Forecasters Conference - 1997: Papers and Proceedings
This report includes a variety of papers that were presented at the Ninth Federal Forecasters Conference dealing with topics related to agriculture, the economy, education, health, labor and issues regarding community policies, forecast evaluation, future research, and global forecasting.
NCES 98217 Selected Papers in School Finance, 1996
This report examines pragmatic education finance issues for school districts and schools. The papers presented in this report include an examination of the implications of a retiring teacher work force for school districts, how school districts respond to fiscal pressures, and an assessment of the financial condition of urban school districts.
NCES 97535 Developments in School Finance, 1996
Developments in School Finance, 1996 consists of nine papers by presenters from the July 1996 NCES State Data Conference. The presenters sought to deal with the perplexing persistence of inequity, not only in expenditures at the school district level, but also at the school level, and in student access to services, programs, and course offerings. Participants also dealt with the question of the efficiency and productivity of public elementary and secondary education.
NCES 97536 Selected Papers in School Finance, 1995
This publication examines two policy related issues, whether money matters in education and the effect of state constitutional litigation. Certainly those involved with education policy have struggled to understand how money matters in education and must be astonished by educational research that finds no strong or consistent relationship between the two. Similarly, with more than 40 states having had the constitutionality of their state education funding systems challenged, and with a plaintiff success rate of about 50 percent, those involved with education policy must wonder if it is worth challenging a state funding system through the courts. Additional papers explore three statistical and measurement problems that NCES has encountered. The first is how to measure resources at the student level rather than at the school or school district level. The second statistical and measurement problem is what constitutes "good practice" when conducting education finance research using NCES data bases.
NCES 97367 The Eighth Federal Forecasters Conference - 1996 and The Seventh Federal Forecasters Conference - 1994
This report includes the papers of the Seventh Federal Forecaster Conference held on November 15, 1994. Also included are the awards for the 1994 Federal Forecasters Forecasting Contest.
NCES 97596 The Schools and Staffing Survey: Recommendations for the Future
NCES commissioned twelve papers to examine SASS and make recommendations about improving the scope and utility of the surveys. Authors were asked to examine the current SASS and address the effects of specific issues on future interations of SASS. The papers were presented during seminars at NCES in the early part of 1996.
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