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Technology at Your Fingertips
Chapter 1: Knowing What to Do

Chapter 2: Knowing What You Need

Chapter 3: Knowing What You Have

Chapter 4: Knowing What to Get

Chapter 5: Knowing How to Implement Your Solution

Chapter 6: Knowing How to Train Users

Chapter 7: Knowing How to Support and Maintain Your Technology Solution

What Provisions Should Be Made for Ongoing Oversight?

How Do You Plan for Providing Ongoing User Support?

How Should You Monitor Regular Usage of Your System?

What Kind of Ongoing Technology Maintenance Will Be Needed?

How Do You Monitor Your System's Users' Needs?

What Do You Need to Do About Upgrades to Software?

What Do You Do About Replacement and Redeployment of Equipment?

Should You Accept Donations?

When Should You Use Volunteers?

How Do You Find Qualified Help When You Need It?

Is That All There Is To It?
Chapter 7: Knowing How to Support and Maintain Your Technology Solution

Is that all there is to it?
The intended purpose of this book is to provide a focus on the fundamentals and tools needed to make sensible decisions about technology now and in the future. By investing time up front in developing a plan of action, you will be able to create a technology vision that helps you to select, purchase, and implement a system that provides the foundation for technology usage in your organization for many years to come.

This brings us to the end of this book and the beginning of your adventure with technology. Hopefully you are now aware that the world of technology is moving so rapidly and so dramatically that there is no such thing as a single beginning and end point - it's just one rapid technology adventure. Have fun, be efficient and, most of all, be effective!

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