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Technology at Your Fingertips
Chapter 1: Knowing What to Do

Chapter 2: Knowing What You Need

Chapter 3: Knowing What You Have

Chapter 4: Knowing What to Get

Chapter 5: Knowing How to Implement Your Solution

Chapter 6: Knowing How to Train Users

Who Should Receive Training?

When Should Initial Training Be Provided?

What Types of Training Are Needed?

Who Should Deliver the Training?

Where Should Training Be Conducted?

What Should Be the Training Outcomes?

When Is Additional Training Needed?

What About Training Students?

Chapter 7: Knowing How to Support and Maintain Your Technology Solution
Chapter 6:  Knowing How to Train Users

Students who will be using the system must be trained in the applications they will use.

What about training students?
When your new technology is in place, you will need to plan training for those activities you expect students to do using the system. This training should not "stand alone," but should be part of (or, at least, build toward) the use of technology in the instructional program. In many schools, students are expected to use computers either during classroom activities or after school hours. For instance, some universities place homework activities on the Internet and expect students to access the homework, complete it, and send it back to the instructor. In these cases, students need to know how to access their network from home or school, do interactive lessons, and e-mail the results. In other cases some students in elementary/secondary schools might be able to access resources on their school's network from home or a public library.

Some schools and school districts consider students a human resource, training them on the maintenance and support of computer systems, as well as allowing them to do training. If you decide to use students for these activities, they will need the same types of training provided to staff members with similar responsibilities.

Ideally, training should occur in the classroom, with students receiving credit for the coursework. Various vendors have developed training packages for students, but care must be taken to provide "vendor neutral" training. While a school, district, or college/university might use a specific type or brand of equipment, the student will presumably be leaving school someday, and you will want them to have a broader knowledge of the types of software and/or hardware they might eventually be asked to use.

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