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Technology at Your Fingertips
Chapter 1: Knowing What to Do

What Is the Purpose of This Book?

Who Should Read This Book?

What is Presented in This Book?

What Process Should You Use for Making Technology Decisions?

Chapter 2: Knowing What You Need

Chapter 3: Knowing What You Have

Chapter 4: Knowing What to Get

Chapter 5: Knowing How to Implement Your Solution

Chapter 6: Knowing How to Train Users

Chapter 7: Knowing How to Support and Maintain Your Technology Solution
Chapter 1: Knowing What to Do

Technology @ Your Fingertips describes steps for making effective decisions about computer and networking technology.

What Is the Purpose of This Book?
Technology @ Your Fingertips describes a process for getting the best possible technology solution for your education organization. In this book you will find the steps you should take to identify your technology needs, consider your options, acquire the technology, and implement a technology solution that will serve you today and provide a foundation for your organization's technology in the future. This book, however, will not tell you the specific equipment and software to buy nor how to set up network connections to your building. Rather it will arm you with a list of specific issues to address during the process so that you can ensure that the technology you choose will reflect your organization's needs and the context in which you work.

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