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Toward Better Teaching: Professional Development in 1993-94 / Acknowledgments


The authors would like to thank the many individuals who contributed in various ways to this report. Our Project Officer, Michael Ross, provided overall guidance and valuable comments throughout the project. Charles Hammer, who took over as Project Officer toward the end, reviewed the report and ably shepherded it through the final adjudication and publication process.

We greatly appreciate the thoughtful reviews and insightful comments provided by Robert Burton, Dan Kasprzyk, Marilyn McMillen, Lee Hoffman, and Edith McArthur, of NCES; Sharon Bobbitt, of OERI; and outside reviewers Dale Ballou, of the University of Massachusetts; Margaret Goertz, of the Consortium for Policy Research in Education, University of Pennsylvania; and David Grissmer, of the RAND Corporation.

Within MPR Associates, this was truly a team effort. We would particularly like to thank Robin Henke for her research assistance and many helpful comments, David Mandel for his careful review of the final draft, and Ellen Liebman for her programming support. Our consultant, Judith Warren Little, of the University of California at Berkeley, made many valuable comments on an earlier draft. Barbara Kridl most ably supervised all aspects of the production process. Andrea Livingston and Karyn Madden provided editorial support, Leslie Retallick created the graphics, Don Eike formatted the tables, and Francesca Tussing did the final layout.

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