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General Terms

Crime Incident Prevalence School School crime School property School year

Specific Terms Used in Various Surveys

National Crime Victimization Survey

Aggravated assault Rape Robbery Rural Serious violent crime Sexual assault Simple assault Suburban Theft Victimization Victimization rate Violent crime Urban

School Crime Supplement

At school Property crime Violent crime

National Household Education Survey

At school Bully Rural Urban Suburban

Youth Risk Behavior Survey


FRSS Principal/School Disciplinarian Survey

At school Central region City Elementary school Free/reduced-price lunch High school/combined Less serious or nonviolent crime Minority enrollment Middle school Northeast region Robbery Physical attack or fight Rural School enrollment Serious violent crime Sexual battery Southeast region Theft or larceny Town Urban fringe Vandalism West region

Monitoring the Future

Alcoholic beverage Cocaine LSD Marijuana Tranquilizers Weapon

Schools and Staffing Survey

Central city Elementary school teachers Rural or small town Secondary school teachers Urban fringe or large town

S. Patrick Kachur et al., "School-Associated Violent Deaths in the United States, 1992 to 1994"

Homicide School-associated violent death Suicide
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