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Table of Contents Glossary of Terms
                    Safeguarding Your Technology

Security is Achievable

Who Needs a Maintenance Contract
    Table of Contents


Executive Summary


Chapter 1 - Why Information Security in Education?

Chapter 2 - Assessing Your Needs

Chapter 3 - Security Policy: Development and Implementation

Chapter 4 - Security Management

Chapter 5 - Protecting Your System: Physical Security

Chapter 6 - Protecting Your System: Information Security

Chapter 7 - Protecting Your System: Software Security

Chapter 8 - Protecting Your System: User Access Security

Chapter 9 - Protecting Your System: Network (Internet) Security

Chapter 10 - Training: A Necessary Investment in Staff


A. Additional Resources about Computing

B. FERPA Fact Sheet

C. Related NCES Publications

D. Sample Acceptable Use Agreements

E. Bibliography and Selected Reference Materials

F. Citations