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This document was developed through the National Cooperative Education Statistics System and funded by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) of the U.S. Department of Education. A Task Force of the National Forum on Education Statistics conceptualized and oversaw the development of this document. The task force, whose members represent all levels of the education system, wishes to acknowledge the efforts of many individuals who also contributed to the development of this document.

Scott Williams of the U.S. Bureau of the Census provided the task force with an early overview of computer security considerations. He served as an excellent resource to the task force and helped it to focus its efforts.

After task force members each contributed a draft chapter of the document, the separate files were consolidated and edited into a single document. This initial draft was then distributed to selected reviewers in California, Iowa, and West Virginia. A subgroup of the task force met with these reviewers in focused interview sessions. These site visits provided a "reality check" from users with a broad range of training, expertise, and responsibility. The reviewers came from elementary, secondary, and post-secondary environments; instructional and administrative settings; and private and public schools. Their contributions were constructive and substantial. The document was improved considerably after being revised based on feedback received during these site visits. Coordinating these site visits was a significant task in itself. Each state coordinator solicited and organized reviewers, assisted in the distribution of drafts, and facilitated meeting times and places. The task force extends its deep appreciation to Steve Boal (Iowa Department of Education), Jan Volkoff (California Department of Education), and Nancy Walker (West Virginia Department of Education) for serving in this capacity in their states.

The task force also wishes to extend its deepest appreciation to Tom Szuba, project consultant and coordinator, for his efforts in compiling the various submissions from the task force members and revising them into a unified document. He did an exceptional job of merging divergent content and making technical information accessible--it was one of the strongest points of praise from the site visit reviewers. He also had the difficult job of keeping the task force on task and on timeline, a duty he managed well. Finally, the task force wishes to thank Gerald Malitz of NCES and Oona Cheung of the Council of Chief State School Officers for their assistance with the overall management and development of this project.

The following is a list of task force members:

Steven King (Chairperson)
Wyoming Department of Education

Marc Anderberg

Oona Cheung
Council of Chief State School Officers

Paul Gammill
Prince George's County Public Schools (Maryland)

Roy Herrold
Central Susquehanna (PA) Intermediate Unit

Gerald Malitz
National Center for Education Statistics

Cheryl Purvis
Nevada Department of Education

Andy Rogers
Los Angeles (CA) Unified School District

Tom Saka
Hawaii Department of Education

Jeff Stowe
Arizona Department of Education

Judy Thompson
Connecticut Department of Education

Jim Villars
Osseo (MN) Area Schools

Duane Whitfield
Florida Department of Education

Site Visits

After a draft of this document was completed, site visits were scheduled to have the document reviewed for content, format, and utility. The following is a list of site visit participants who served as reviewers:

California Department of Education
Lynn Baugher, Administrator
School Business Services

Karl Scheff, Consultant
Education Demographics

Wayne Shimizu, Consultant
School Business Services

Jan Volkoff, Consultant
(State Site Visit Coordinator)

California State Senate
Tanya Lieberman, Consultant
Budget Committee

Belle Vista High School (CA)
Peggy Desmond, Vice Principal
Jim Reidt, Principal

Fallbrook Union (CA) Elementary School District
Allan Roth, Director of Student Programs

Gateway (CA) Unified School District
Midge Kenyon, Director of Information Resources

Grant Joint Union HS District (CA)
Frank Fish, Director of Information Systems

Los Angeles County (CA) Office of Education
Nancy Kraus, Director
Division of Educational Support Services

James K. McGill, Assistant Director
Network Engineering and Applications

San Francisco (CA) Unified School District
Catherine Secour, District Registrar

San Juan Unified (CA) School District
Errol Belt, Network and Technology Manager

Dan O'Halloran, Networking Specialist

Mike Parks, Custodian of Pupil Records

Santa Clara County (CA) Office of Education
Ruthellen Dickinson, Systems Coordinator

Shasta County (CA) Office of Education
Jim Demarco, Technology Coordinator

Van Wilkinson, Development and Technology Director

Computer and Network Consulting
John McBrearty

West Ed
Kathryn Bangert, Information Systems Analyst

L. Russ Brawn, Project Manager

Graham Charles, Information Systems Analyst

Steve Mills, Senior Program Associate

Janice Schafer, Research Associate

Iowa State Department of Education
David J. Alvord, Chief
Bureau of Planning, Research, and Evaluation

Steve Boal, Consultant
Bureau of Planning, Research, and Evaluation
(State Site Visit Coordinator)

Greg Fay, Network Manager

David Krieger, Data Processing Manager

Lee Tack, Administrator
Division of Financial and Information Services

Kirkwood Community College (IA)
Rick Anderson, Director
Business Services

Tina M. Herb, Network Computing Director

Patrick Murphy, Executive Director
Computer Information Services

Tom Sabotta, Director
Enrollment Services/Institutional Research

Roger Seamands, System Programmer

Doris Steffen, Computer Operations Coordinator

Des Moines (IA) School District
Linda Adrianse, Pupil Services Coordinator
Lincoln High School

Fran Blasberg, Principal
Wright Elementary

Carol Gustafson, Student Accounting Specialist
Des Moines School District

Waukee (IA) School District
Bruce Kimpston, Dean
Waukee High School

Denise Krefting, Technology Director
Waukee School District

Bernie Van Roekel, Principal
Waukee High School

Dave Wilkerson, Director of Instructional Services
Waukee School District

University of Iowa
Jerald W. Dallum, Registrar

Cindy Dayton, EDI Administrator

Karen Knight, Associate Director of Admissions

Doug Lee, Provost Officer

Sue Nickels, ITS Contingency Planning Coordinator

Catherine Pietrzyk, Associate Registrar

Dennis Preslicka, ITS Customer Relations

Don Szeszycki, Provost Officer

West Virginia Department of Education
Marshall Patton, Student Software Support Manager

Nancy Walker, WVEIS Executive Director
(State Site Visit Coordinator)

Doris White, Data Coordinator

University of Charleston (WV)
Alan Belcher, Coordinator of Academic Technology

Craig Timmons, Director of Computing

Connie Young, Registrar

Berkeley County (WV) Schools
Nancy Kilmon, Director
Research and Technology

Jackson County (WV) Schools
Ronald E. Ray, Secondary Director

Kanawha County (WV) Schools
Nancy Baldwin, Computer Technician

Rebecca Butler, Area Technology Teacher

Bill Carter, Network Technologist

Steven Hinchman, Computer Technician

Dale A. Nichols, Area Technology Teacher

Mercer County (WV) Schools
Nancy L. Moore, WVEIS County Contact

David S. Palmer, WVEIS County Coordinator

Garry Taylor, Supervisor

Mingo County (WV) Schools
Nell Hatfield, Certification/Media Specialist

Summers County (WV) Schools
Richard Lawrence, Technical Coordinator

Wood County (WV) Schools
Robert Mathews, Director
Technical and Media Services

Belle Elementary School (WV)
John Eagle, Principal

Brooke High School (WV)
Donald J. Hendon, WVEIS Coordinator

Charleston Catholic High School (WV)
Deborah Sullivan, Principal

Clendenin Middle School (WV)
Cathy Bennett, Principal

Hampshire High School (WV)
Scott Cather, Assistant Principal

Hurricane Middle School (WV)
Richard Grim, Assistant Principal

Richmond Elementary School (WV)
John Cummings, Principal

South Charleston High School (WV)
Clifford Cunnigham, Curriculum Supervisor

St. Albans High School (WV)
Carl Garner, Vice Principal

Tucker Valley Elementary/Middle School (WV)
Michael W. Kessinger, Principal

Tucker Valley High School (WV)
Rose T. Kessinger, Principal

Design and creative direction:
The Creative Shop, Bethesda, MD

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