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Linking The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)and The Third International Math and Science Study (TIMSS): Eighth-Grade Results


The Research and Development (R&D) series of the reports has been initiated:

1. To share studies and research that are developmental in nature. The results of such studies may be revised as the work continues and additional data become available.

2. To share results of studies that are, to some extent, on the cutting-edge of methodological developments. Emerging analytical approaches and new computer software development often permits new, and sometimes controversial, analysis to be done. By participating in frontier research, we hope to contribute to the resolution of issues and improved analysis.

3. To participate in discussions of emerging issues of interest to educational researchers, statisticians, and the Federal statistical community in general. Such reports may document workshops and symposiums sponsored by NCES that address methodological and analytical issues or may share and discuss issues regarding NCES practice, procedures, and standards.

The common theme in all three goals is that these reports present results or discussions that do not reach definitive conclusions at this point in time, either because the data are tentative, the methodology is new and developing, or the topic is one on which there are divergent views. Therefore the techniques and inferences made from the data are tentative and are subject to revision. To facilitate the process of closure on the issues, we invite comment, criticism, and alternatives to what we have done. Such responses should be directed to:

Marilyn M. McMillen
Chief Statistician
Statistical Standards Services Group

1990 K Street NW
Washington, DC 20006

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