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Statistical Analysis Report:

Fathers' Involvement in Their Children's Schools

September 1997

(NCES 98-091) Ordering information

Commissioner's Statement

Press Release



Executive Summary

List of Tables

List of Figures


  • Why Focus on Fathers?
  • The Role of Fathers in Children's Lives
  • The Salience of Fathers to Children's Lives
  • Factors' Associatated with Parental Involvement
  • Data Source
  • Measuring Parental Involvement
  • Organization of the Report
  • Findings

  • Involvement of Resident Parents
  • Involvement of Nonresident Fathers
  • Summary and Discussion

  • Major Conclusions
  • Limitations of the Data
  • Suggestions for Future Research
  • Methodology and Data Reliability

  • Survey Methodology
  • Response Rates
  • Data Reliability
  • Derived Variables
  • Adjusted Odds Ratios
  • References


    Appendix A. Detailed Tables on Parental Involvement by Student Grade Level

    Appendix B. Adjusted Odds Ratios for All Factors Included in Models of Student Outcomes

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