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Developments in School Finance 1997, NCES 98-212




Introduction and Overview
William J. Fowler, Jr.

Does Money Matter for Minority and Disadvantaged Students? Assessing the New Empirical Evidence
David Grissmer, Ann Flanagan, and Stephanie Williamson

Rethinking The Allocation Of Teaching Resources: Some Lessons From High Performing Schools
Karen Hawley Miles and Linda Darling Hammond

Financing Education in the District of Columbia from the Perspective of the Financial Authority
Joyce Ladner

Does Money Matter? An Empirical Study Introducing Resource Costs And Student Needs To Educational Production Function Analysis
Corrine Taylor

School District Expenditures, School Resources and Student Achievement: Modeling the Production Function
Harold Wenglinsky

The Development of School Finance Formulas to Guarantee the Provision of Adequate Education to Low-Income Students
Andrew Reschovsky and Jennifer Imazeki

Using Cost and Need Adjustments to Improve the Measurement of School Finance Equity
Lauri Peternick, Becky A. Smerdon, William Fowler, Jr., and David H. Monk

A Proposal for Collecting School-Level Resource Data on the Schools and Staffing Survey
Julia B. Isaacs, Michael S. Garet, and Stephen P. Broughman

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