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Developments in School Finance, 1997- Does Money Matter?


Paul D. Planchon, Associate Commissioner

Surveys and Cooperative Systems Group

One of the persistent dilemmas in education finance has been the inconsistent results obtained in educational research regarding the effectiveness of higher spending on student outcomes. Many of the scholars in the 1997 (NCES) Summer Conference addressed this issue in their presentations, and their insights and the diversity in their approaches and thinking regarding this seminal issue make this proceedings among the most captivating in the series.

Developments in School Finance contains papers by speakers at the annual NCES Summer Conference. The Conference attracts several state department of education policymakers, fiscal analysts, and fiscal data providers from each state, who are offered fiscal training sessions and updates on developments in the field of education finance. The presenters are experts in their respective fields, each of who has a unique perspective or interesting quantitative or qualitative research regarding emerging issues in education finance. The reaction of those who attended the Conference was overwhelmingly positive. We hope that will be your response as well.

This proceedings is the fourth education finance publication from the NCES Summer Conference. The papers included within present the views of the authors, and are intended to promote the exchange of ideas among researchers and policymakers. No official support by the U.S. Department of Education or NCES is intended or should be inferred. Nevertheless, NCES would be pleased if the papers provoke discussions, replications, replies, and refutations in future Summer Conferences.

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