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Enrollment in Higher Education: Fall 1995

The highlights, summary of findings, and the technical notes of this report are also available as a Word 6.0 file. This report also includes about 130 detailed tables that are not in the PDF document. These tables include: (1) Detailed Enrollment Tables by Race-Ethnicity (2) National Trends in Enrollment Fall 1991 to Fall 1995 (3) Enrollments by Age (4) Enrollments by State - Tables include enrollments by race-ethnicity sex, attendance status, and level of student, and trends of total enrollment and minority enrollment.

These files are stored as DOS ASCII text files and can be printed on any HP laserjet printer (IV or higher) from the DOS prompt. These files can also be imported into most spreadsheet and wordprocessing software.

For convenience of downloading it is stored in a ZIP archive.


For questions about the content of this report, please contact Sam Barbett at